Sticks & Sachets

Sugar Sticks & Sachets

Simply Chocolate Duster 1x300g

Code: 3053

Decorate your drink with our Chocolate Duster. Perfect choice for sprinkling on your hot drink Suita..

Canderel Yellow Sweetener Sticks 1x1000

Code: 4505

Canderel sticks adds sweetness to your drink, it is made from sugar and tastes just like it but isn'..

Fairtrade White Sugar Sticks 1x1000

Code: 4508

1 box of 1000 individually wrapped sticks of white fairtrade sugar, ideal for coffee or tea...

Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks 1x1000

Code: 4509

Demerara Fairtrade sugar in individually wrapped sticks, ideal for coffee. 1000 portions per box...

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