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8oz Detpak Button Hot Cup Lid 1x1000

Code: 8212

This 8oz button lid fits cups with 80mm diameters.The buttons can be pressed in to differentiate bet..

Border 5 Variety Luxury Mini Pack Biscuits 100x2

Code: 7402

Box contains mini packs of the following classic recipes: Butterscotch Crunch, Golden Oat Crumbles, ..

Brontè Biscuit Mini Packs 5 Variety 100x2

Code: 7400

The traditional choice of Bronte twin pack biscuits in five delicious flavours: Golden Crunch, Vienn..

Café Express Fairtrade Coffee Sticks x500

Code: 1725

As well as enjoying a refreshing and relaxing hot drink, your guests will get the warm feeling of kn..

Canderel Yellow Sweetener Sticks 1x1000

Code: 4505

Canderel sticks adds sweetness to your drink, it is made from sugar and tastes just like it but isn'..

Eat Natural 28 Fruit & Nut Bars Assorted 28 x 50g

Code: 7440

An assortment of products are used in this box Almond & Apricot: Almonds, apricots, coconut, glucose..

Eat Natural Fruit,Dark Chocolate,Cranberries,Macadamias

Code: 7436

- Turkish apricots - Californian almonds - Gluten free Our signature yoghurt coating smothers T..

Eat Natural Fruit/Nut Bar Almond & Apricot + Yoghurt

Code: 7435

- Turkish apricots - Californian almonds - Gluten free Our signature yoghurt coating smothers T..

Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sachets 1x1000 (limited stock)

Code: 4515

1000 individually wrapped sachets of high quality granulated brown cane sugar, ideal for use with co..

Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks 1x1000

Code: 4509

Demerara Fairtrade sugar in individually wrapped sticks, ideal for coffee. 1000 portions per box...

Fairtrade White Sugar Sticks 1x1000

Code: 4508

1 box of 1000 individually wrapped sticks of white fairtrade sugar, ideal for coffee or tea...

Luxury Hot Chocolate Sachets 100x25g

Code: 3023

Luxury instant hot chocolate flavoured drink sachets made using Fairtrade ingredients...

Meredith & Drew 100 Mini Packs 4 Varieties

Code: 7450

Ingredients: Flour (WHEAT Flour, Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), White Chocolate Chips (20%) [Sugar..

Nakd Blueberry Muffin Fruit & Nut Bar 18 x 35g

Code: 7421

Raw fruit and nut bar containing - Blueberries - Gluten, Wheat & Dairy free - Cold-pressed, ne..

Nakd Cocoa Orange Fruit & Nut Bar 18 x 35g

Code: 7420

- GM Free - No Added Sugar - Contains nothing artificial Nakd Cocoa Orange Fruit & Nut Bar is a..

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