Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Pick Me Up Fairtrade Beans 12x450g

Code: 1001

There is so much to love about this single origin coffee from the department of Huila in Colombia. I..

Borough Blend Fairtrade Beans 12x450g

Code: 1003

If we had a signature blend, this would be it. Borough Blend is a fabulous quality, wonderfully inte..

Molten Toffee Fairtrade Beans 12x450g

Code: 1004

Fairtrade Indian robusta beans are combined with Fairtrade Brazilian arabicas to give this blend its..

Powwow Rainforest Alliance Beans 12x450g

Code: 1006

Particularly good as an espresso or bean-to-cup coffee, this arabica-robusta blend does exactly what..

9-to-5 Rainforest Alliance Beans 12x450g

Code: 1010

This Natural Bourbon arabica hails from Daterra, the most celebrated coffee estate in Brazil and the..

Lavazza Expert Plus Aroma Piu Roasted Coffee Beans 6x1kg

Code: 1032

The Lavazza Super Crema is a premium blend of 80% sweet arabicas and 20% robustas producing a rich, ..

Fuel Their Day Rainforest Alliance Beans 12x450g

Code: 1081

We spotted Only A Pavement Away on LinkedIn during lockdown and were immediately keen to support the..

Pura Decaf FTO Swiss Water Beans 12x250g

Code: 1091

If you favour decaf, rest assured you are drinking the very best with this Swiss Water Process gem. ..

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