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Julius Meinl Bio Fairtrade Decaf Espresso Capsules 1 x 10

Code: 1960

This decaf espresso is a full-bodied, perfectly-balanced blend of arabica coffees with just a touch ..

Julius Meinl Bio Fairtrade Espresso Capsules 1 x 10

Code: 1961

Certified organic, this espresso blend is a unique combination of 100% arabica Fairtrade beans from ..

Julius Meinl Lungo BIO Fairtrade Capsules 1x10

Code: 1962

Certified Fairtrade coffee capsules from one of the world’s oldest coffee roasters. A household name..

Kaldi's Discovery Filter & Cafetiere 12 x 450g

Code: 1232

Harking to Ethiopian tradition, which sees coffee ceremonies held at the end of feasts, this classic..

Pick Me Up Fairtrade Beans 12x450g

Code: 1001

There is so much to love about this single origin coffee from the department of Huila in Colombia. I..

Powwow Beans 12x450g

Code: 1006

Particularly good as an espresso or bean-to-cup coffee, this arabica-robusta blend does exactly what..

Borough Blend Fairtrade Beans 12x450g

Code: 1003

If we had a signature blend, this would be it. Borough Blend is a fabulous quality, wonderfully inte..

Molten Toffee Fairtrade Beans 12x450g

Code: 1004

Fairtrade Indian robusta beans are combined with Fairtrade Brazilian arabicas to give this blend its..

Time Out Rainforest Alliance Beans 12x500g

Code: 1005

Ideal for all-day drinking, this well-balanced coffee is a blend of high-grown Central and South Ame..

9-to-5 Rainforest Alliance Beans 12x450g

Code: 1010

This Natural Bourbon arabica hails from Daterra, the most celebrated coffee estate in Brazil and the..

Lavazza Super Crema Beans 6x1kg

Code: 1031

The Lavazza Super Crema is a premium blend of 80% sweet arabicas and 20% robustas producing a rich, ..

Pura Decaf Swiss Water Decaf Beans 12x250g

Code: 1092

If you favour decaf, rest assured you are drinking the very best with this Swiss Water Process gem. ..

Team Builder Fairtrade Filter 50x50g

Code: 1100

Blended from Fairtrade Central American coffees. A sharp, strong flavour blended that we think resem..

City Roast Filter 50x50g

Code: 1101

A balanced blend of chocolatey Mochas and Central American coffees. Good body with a subtle caramel ..

Time Out Filter 50x60g

Code: 1106

A blend of high grown Rainforest Alliance certified Central American Arabicas. Full of flavour and w..

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